My tastes are a bit eclectic, yet classic. I like my food the way I like my music. If you were to plug into my ipod right now you’d jump from Mozart to Jay Z. Pearl Jam to Enya. Ray Lamontagne to Madonna. Frank Sinatra to The Roots. I like all music and I like all food. I was a kid who liked beets and creamed spinach for goodness sakes. I always ate what was in front of me, cause my momma told me to! Dinner time was not a negotiation and therefore I learned to appreciate all types of foods at a young age. I was the weird little kid who ordered a ribeye and a baked potato while out to dinner, while every other kid was ordering chicken tenders. I tried escargot when I was 8, and then I constantly begged my parents to take me to the seafood restaurant where I first had them. Most kids are begging to go to Pizza Hut, not a fancy seafood restaurant! Don’t get me wrong, I loved Pizza Hut too! And McDonalds and heck, even school lunches had some redeemable qualities! From simple and standard foods to fancy and finicky, I loved it all! No food snobbery here, but these days I’d definitely consider myself a “foodie” (whatever that means) and appreciate a great meal more than most. My tastes are still eclectic for sure, croque madame is on the menu one night and a jazzed up, yet classic tuna noodle casserole the next. My husband rarely eats the same dish twice. He’s my guinea pig for sure!