Saturday, February 12, 2011

"Beet Mine" :)

If you're anything like my hubby and I, you avoid going out to dinner on Valentines Day like the Plague :) Pre-fix menu's, reservations that aren't really reservations- more like a "call-ahead" and little cut-out, pink hearts EVERY WHERE.   Don't get me wrong every once in a while we'll venture out  to a great little spot on Valentines day, but we much prefer to order in or cook up a great little romantic meal at home.  We light a few candles, un-cork some great wine, put on our favorite cd and a share the tasks of making a killer meal, served in our own dining room.  For us, this is a little slice of heaven.

We're still working on the menu for our big meal on Monday, but I gave Charlie a sneak peek last week of the Valentine inspired salad that I'll be serving and he loved it.  I mean loved it!  So, since it passed the hubby test, I thought I'd pass it on.  Everyone is going to have their own idea of what they'd like to serve as the main entree' for their romantic dinner.  But, this will be the PERFECT salad to serve along side the fish, steak or pasta that you're planning to whip up.  And, this will be no shocker, it's simple and easy!  Beets have a bad rap, if you haven't tried them since 1989, give them another try.  Your mature palette will appreciate them much more than when you were a kid.

I don't usually do themed dishes, but the deep red color and earthy flavor of the beets will be the perfect accent to your love day meal.  Plus you'll love the tart, quick dressing and how it pairs with the creamy goat cheese and crunchy pine-nuts.  YUMMMM.

Housepitalities "Beet Mine" Salad ;)

-3 cups of Mixed Greens (pre-washed salad, organic preferred)
-3 tablespoons Pine Nuts
-1 can Sliced Beets (organic preferred, not pickled)
***you could certainly use fresh beets and blanch them, peel them etc. but this is easier! :)
-1/4 cup Goat Cheese
-1 1/2 tablespoons Balsamic Vinegar
-1 tablespoon Olive Oil
-Salt & Pepper

Lay the beets in stacks on your cutting board and cut into quarters.  Place the greens in a large bowl and add the beets and crumbled goat cheese to the salad greens.  Toast the pine nuts in a dry pan (no oil) on low-medium heat, tossing often until golden and toasty.  Add the pine nuts to the salad greens.  Toss with balsamic vinegar, olive oil and a few dashes of salt and pepper and voila!  Serve immediately.


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