Saturday, February 26, 2011

True North Vodka

I've been blogging a ton of recipe's lately and I realized I'm leaving out the "Fantastic Finds" category!  Well, here's a very Fantastic Find for you Michiganders.  I am a HUGE fan of keeping it local.  As a business owner I can completely understand the plight of the small business owner and do everything I can to buy local whenever possible, and that does not exclude nor is limited to- cocktails :)

I did a t.v. segment a year or so ago and featured a local spirit- True North Vodka from Grand Traverse Distillery.  I guess the owner of the distillery was visiting the area and just happened to catch my segment, what are the odds?  Anyway, he rang me up and told me how pleased he was with the segment and thanked me for featuring his award winning vodka.  We exchanged a few emails and the next thing I knew a HUGE box was at my doorstep filled with extra large, and I mean EXTRA LARGE bottles of True North Vodka.  They included a bottle of their signature vodka, their cherry vodka (of course) and even a bottle of their potato vodka which was a new twist on a classic way of distilling vodka.  Very potent! ;)

Long story short, I threw a party which featured this vodka with a few signature cocktails and it was a hit!  I like cocktails and all, but it would have taken me years to get through these gigantic vodka vessels! :)  But, we emptied the bottles and then it's the only vodka I have in the house and I will continue to stay loyal and local.  It would make a great hostess gift as well.  An added bonus- the bottles are gorgeous as well, very pretty! 

Run out and get a bottle or two :)  Click here for more info!


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