I’m known to plan an elegant dinner party one week, featuring high-end fare and marvelous wines, and then throw an “Ugly Christmas Sweater Party” with keg beer and simple snacks the next. I love to have fun. I love good food, and I love to have those I care about enjoying themselves. I get such a charge out of creating an ambiance and hearing things like “oh, you know you’re going to eat well and have a great time at one of Jen’s parties”. Truly, that is all I need to hear. Hostess gifts need not apply….just tell me you had a blast, loved the décor and ate well, and I’m all smiles!

Everyone should live a life full of friends, food and festivities! I know I do. If you share my sensibilities, “Housepitalities” is the blog for you. Stick around and check back often, it’s gonna be a fun ride!